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Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked question today is “why Julleen designs are more expensive than many others”. The answer to this is simple. We at Julleen do not mass-produce anything. All necklace designs are hand made here in Australia in small quantities and are super duper quality controlled. Often we make only ONES OFF.

Do we use sterling silver? The answer is what we have done for over a decade. We only use highest-grade quality sterling 925 silver and generally “A” grade pearls. Please know that pearls come in many grades. Our gold (expensive as it is today) remains as we began 24ct on sterling silver. When you see the price of gold today you will notice silver has gone up accordingly.

Since we began Julleen in 1999, silver is four times more expensive, yet we keep our pricing the same. Here are more questions that may be of interest.

Q1. What is vermeil?

Q2. Why use any gold over sterling silver at all?

Q3. I am allergic to anything but gold.

Q4. Other products claim they use this process too and it sure looks the same.

Q5. So, where do your pearls and stones come from?

Q6. How do they get these lovely colours?

Q7. Why aren't these pearls all the same, they are all different.

Q8. What exactly does cultured mean?

Q9. What really is a south sea pearl?

Q10. What type of thread do you use? Describe stranding?


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