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Blue Moon Mabe Pearl Necklace

Glorious lustrous blue mauve mabe cultured pearl, pendant necklace. Stranded on a delightful mix of  Black Pearls, Blue Pearls, Bronze Pearls, Pewter Pearls and Grey Pearls.  All on lovely sterling silver in a design that is one of our signature pieces. We often make this same design in many colours. There is a Nadja Pink too.

Price: $330.00

Blue Moon Mabe Pearl Necklace PD211.01

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Here is the set on the beautiful Winsome. See the incredible lustre and how it changes colour to certain light and picks up tones and shades from what you are wearing. Reflections from outer influences can transform the shades of blue to purple or mauve depending on the light also. These fascinating traits is what make pearls such a unique gem. A suggestion when looking for a particular colour necklace do a search using google images.

Blue Moon Mabe Pearl Necklace


  1. earl
    Jul 12, 2012

    Questions: (1) What is the mm size of the pendant pearl?
    (2) Is this neckless in stock?
    (3) Where are you located? Do you have any locations in So. Calif. that has this neckless?

    • Julia
      Jul 18, 2012

      1) 19mm (29mm Pendant

      2) and yes this necklace is in stock

      3) we are located in Australia…we don’t supply any retailers in USA..(the only place to purchase this is on our online jewellery stores) and we send it via express post international (with tracking) to anywhere in USA

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