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"It was the luster and opulence of pearls that captured Julia's imagination while residing on the Island of the Gods."

Julia Ray is the owner and designer of Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs. She was born in Amsterdam and comes from a family of diamond merchants. Her grandfather was commissioned by the Swedish government to create a stunning diamond brooch for Eva Peron of Argentina. Jewellery, it seems, was a deep seeded passion from an early age. The family immigrated to Sydney, Australia where Julia was educated. After marriage she’s lived in Adelaide and Alice Springs and moved to Perth in the 90′s.

Julia at work

Fashion and accessories have always played a prominent role in Julia’s life. She was the first consultant for Christian Dior cosmetics in Australia beginning in Double Bay in NSW. Her entrepreneurial spirit was evident when she opened a Dior salon and accessories boutique, in heart of the city in Adelaide in the 80s.

As an avid world traveler and businesswoman, it was no surprise to find her packing off to Bali in the early 90′s to assist in the establishment of a family enterprise, a new Hotel.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but it was the luster and opulence of pearls that captured her imagination while residing on the Island of the Gods. Not satisfied that such treasurers were out of the reach of many women, she set about sourcing supplies and manufacturing facilities to enable Julleen to bring pearls, at a reasonable price to the western world.

Julia began making pearl jewellery for her friends initially in 1998. Enjoying the positive response she created the label “Julleen“, which incorporates the names Julia and Jacleen (Julia’s daughter). Julleen was launched in Duty Free in 1999. Julleen Australia was launched soon after.

Julia’s desire and gift for creating wonderfully unique styles, usually one’s- off, with a “no fear” attitude is only matched by the time and effort put into everything produced. The result is spectacular unique pieces of beauty and style that will complement any wearer.


  1. Winsome Myers
    Dec 20, 2010

    I discovered Julleen Pearl Jewellery and as a collector of fine jewellery was thrilled to find such a comprehensive range of Pearl and gemset handmade and designed pieces available here in Perth.I was amazed at how reasonably priced these exquisite designs were for the quality of the materials and the workmanship involved.

    Over the last few months I have purchased many pieces all of which are
    magnificent. Some of my favourites are my silver starfish earrings which are delicate and detailed and capture the essence of this delightful marine creature.They are earrings that I could wear every day as they are fun and will go with lots of different outfits.I recently had a bracelet made to match, a service which Julleen also offers which is very attractive as you can tailor make jewellery to suit your own specifications.

    Janine is a statement piece that exemplifys Julleen jewellery with it’s impressive stones, pearls and detailed silver work creating the necklace.

    Aquarius is so stunning with the combination of Turquoise and Amethyst stones combined with Peacock pearls along the neckline. The Amethyst stones are cabachon polished so their smooth surface beautifully compliments the Turquoise in this piece. The necklace for me is made particulary unique with the use of the hexagonal shaped Turquoise at the centre giving it an Egyptian feel. I am thrilled to own it. Both of these colours are favourites of mine so it was quite irresistible to me.

    I think the fun of shopping with Julleen as a collector is that you can delight in seeing beautiful gems being thoughtfully combined with wonderful pearls to create unique designs which you could only dream of.

    Winsome Myers

  2. Mila Tudor
    Dec 20, 2010

    I have been buying pearls and gems from Julia for about 10 years. She has created some beautiful custom made pieces for me, one of which has now become a family heirloom which will be passed down through the family. Julia is very generous with her time and her excitement over the creative process is inspiring. Thank you Julia for the care you take to make sure a piece is right. I love your new website and the collection looks amazing.
    Mila Tudor

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